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Quick and Easy New England Clam Chowder

WARNING: Clam chowder purists should probably not continue reading.  This recipe is a quick and simple way to make a pretty close copy of a New England (cream based) clam chowder on a budget. There are canned clams, canned milk … Continue reading

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George and Weezy Would be Proud

240 Square feet can only go so far. We needed more. Continue reading

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It’s Been A Long Time

So, where the heck have I been for the last two years? I started working a job in El Paso in early 2015, and that has taken most of my time. I honestly didn’t feel much like blogging. Also, most … Continue reading

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Is This Thing On?

I’m gauging interest in reviving the blog. If you’re interested in me bringing this thing back from time to time, please drop me a note over on The RatraceLosers Facebook page. If I do, the posts probably won’t be as … Continue reading

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Hasta la Vista, Baby!

Cincinnati to Texas, Day 0: Final Day (July 26, 2014) T-18h 20m: Party in the Park We had a wonderful goodbye gathering at Veterans park in Hamilton, Ohio.  Some of the attendees were: Shirley (Mom) What can I say?  It’s … Continue reading

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The "New" Blog

Welcome to the new WordPress-powered version of our blog! This entry is really just a placeholder so that you can see something “new.” I’ll start writing blog entries offline now using Windows Live Writer, and then I can upload them … Continue reading

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Rod Serling, Eat Your Heart Out!

An Interesting Exploration of Memory Submitted for your consideration… Just this past Sunday, I got a panicked call from a dear friend. “Help!” he exclaimed. “The emergency brake in my car is gone!” “Gone? Meaning that it’s not working?” “No! … Continue reading

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