The Lord is My Shepherd

Your Faith Shall be Tested

There’s nothing like hard times to test one’s faith in the Lord.

After my baptism, Linda and I continued to attend church for some time.  We enjoyed being in the company of fellow believers. Going to church was an all-day event.  We’d leave here around 9 am so that we could attend the Adult Sunday School at 10 am, then the main service at 11 am. After the service, we’d all gather for a potluck lunch, and then finally arrive home around 3 pm. When we got back from all that, we were usually ready for a nap! We’d lounge about for the rest of the day and then get ready for Monday’s work on the homestead the next morning.

Then, my work schedule changed. I was working four days a week, every week. That didn’t leave a lot of time at home to do chores and rest and recharge for another week in the city. Due to the pace and stresses at work, it usually took me a full two days to decompress before I was mentally and physically ready to work on chores and projects. That really only left Sundays for these chores.

Also, Linda and I are not able to sit through a 2-hour church service.  She, being diabetic, must eat regularly, and I, being somewhat ADD can’t handle more than about an hour of sitting still in one place. Most of the time, the main church service stretched to two hours or more. Don’t get me wrong; the information presented in the service is generally quite interesting, but the sheer length of the service makes it impossible for me to concentrate on it.

Because of these reasons, we have not been attending First Baptist of Dell City regularly.

So, you “Backslid,” eh?

Well, yes, I guess, if you consider showing up at a particular place on a particular day at a particular time as being required in order for you to consider yourself a good Christian.

Fortunately for me, I don’t. Linda and I still carry our love for the Lord in our hearts. We still strive to live cleanly and as Christ-like as our flawed, sinning selves can. We pray. We consult our bibles when we have questions. And while we don’t go out and proselytize, we are open to discussing the Lord with others if the topic comes up or there is an opportunity that is impossible to ignore.

Your Job has Changed. What Now?

Now that I am working in the city a lot less, I have been trying to generate work in the desert.  I have made it clear that I will work for cash or barter in some cases. Also, if someone truly has a need that they are unable to pay for, I will not turn them away. I will keep my rates for work reasonable so that people here can feel that they are getting a good deal, while also obeying scripture that tells us that we should do business with others fairly.

For me, this is an exercise in faith. I must trust that the Lord has a plan for me out here. I must also trust that our needs will be met by finding ways to generate income, by finding ways to live on less, or through the generosity of fellow believers.

I want to work, but I don’t feel that work in the traditional sense is for me. When I place my trust in Him, I am blessed with a sense of inner peace and am awash with the knowledge that if I only obey Him and listen to His whispers in my heart, that we will be cared for in fulfillment of His promise.

Also I have been wanting to return to church. I feel that the fellowship is good for us, not only because it may help me find work in the community, but because being in the presence of other believers can serve to strengthen and reinforce one’s faith. We are praying for opportunities and guidance on this.

So…What are you Doing for Extra Work?

I’ve made myself available for work wherever my skills are needed. Chiefly, these skills include:

  • Computer Work – Since I have over 17 years of experience in this field, and there are few out here in the middle of the desert that can do this work, I am hoping to make these skills available.
  • Automotive Work – I’m no slouch when it comes to automotive repairs. Unfortunately, my body can’t handle the heavy lifting of major repairs anymore, but general maintenance and emergency repairs are something that I hope others will find useful.
  • General Handiwork – I have a lot of useful skills when it comes to “handyman” work. These are the skills that I employ every day out here on the homestead that makes life off-grid possible. Hopefully, those who need help in these areas will consider me a resource.

I pray daily that the Lord will guide me. I ask that he grant me the clarity of purpose so that I may see how He wants me to live to help others come closer to Him. I trust that He will provide me the opportunities that we need to survive out here.

My Faith is as strong as ever.




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