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For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Story of the Motorless Home is Coming to an End I finally spoke to Ms. Hogg at the City of Hamilton Health Department.  I was really hoping that she was a coarse, nasty, bitter old woman, so that I … Continue reading

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Houston, We Have a Problem…

Venting so I can sleep Middle of the night – and I can’t sleep.  This BS earlier today has really got me rattled. Why is it this hard to “get out?” All I’m trying to do here is prepare some … Continue reading

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Ya Vol, Mein Führer!

The Shitty of Hamilton Sends the SS Police to My House about the Motorless Home I don’t understand this. The Motorless Home has been sitting behind my house since the winter of 2012. In all that time, it has never … Continue reading

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Mirrors in the Bedroom, S’portin’ Wood & Screwing

Remodeling and Stair Repairs When we bought this motorhome (before it was motor-less), Linda and I could not figure out why there were mirrors on the top of the walls in the bedroom.  At first, we thought that some kinky … Continue reading

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Who’s Yer Daddy?

The Motorless Home is Truly Motor-less This is a landmark day. I finally have the old Chevy 454 block out of the Motorless Home.  I tried recently to remove it, but it didn’t want to come out.  Today, I slid … Continue reading

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Taking a Leak…

…And Making it Worse The Motorless Home has leaks.  We’ve talked about them previously when I blogged about fixing the leak over the bathroom and the front cap.  Well, the one at the rear cap raised its ugly head the … Continue reading

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Stalking My Prey

Scoring Big on Little Money – The Annual Trenton Yard Sale Linda and I got an unexpected check for $70 in the mail the other day. We were very grateful for that timing.  It really made the difference for us, … Continue reading

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