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Rod Serling, Eat Your Heart Out!

An Interesting Exploration of Memory Submitted for your consideration… Just this past Sunday, I got a panicked call from a dear friend. “Help!” he exclaimed. “The emergency brake in my car is gone!” “Gone? Meaning that it’s not working?” “No! … Continue reading

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Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!

Patrick Henry is spinning in his grave More and more, I hear stories of government entities encroaching on the rights of the citizen; the latest affront is Los Angeles County’s “Nuisance Abatement Teams.” I was recently directed to an article … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Made Up Holiday

Why only appreciate Dad one day a year? Back in the early 1900s, a lady in Spokane, WA began celebrating Father’s Day.┬áThis day was established as a reaction to the creation of Mother’s day a few years earlier. It’s identified … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Have to Go to the Top

Getting Results from our Kroger Ordeal After having made several attempts to contact Customer Service at Kroger about the issue I blogged about in “The Kroger Company Wants Me to Shop Elsewhere!” I decided that I’d send an email directly … Continue reading

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Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg?

A review of Fresh Eggs Daily This blog review may end up being very short. I‘m having way too much fun exploring the site and how many words does it take to say, “I love it” anyway? I haven’t had … Continue reading

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The Ends Played Themselves Against the Middle

How I got a better deal without even trying In my last post, I told you all about dropping Time Warner Cable completely by getting an antenna for TV and Clear for my Internet. Well, two days ago, I get … Continue reading

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Mischief Managed

A little further “off the grid.” Thursday, my Clear modem arrived. I took it up into the attic and set it up and got 4/5 lights for signal strength. Then I came back down and started to do some testing. … Continue reading

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