Opening the Flood Gates

We’ve decided to start telling some of the family.  We told Stephanie (Linda’s Daughter-in-Law) about our plans today and she has since become a member of the blog! (Hi, Steph!)

At the end of the month, we’re planning to gather my family to let them know what we’re up to. I don’t really like keeping secrets from them, especially when it’s something of this magnitude.  Heck, I might even get some help with my planning/prepping from them!

While I know it will be difficult leaving them behind here in Ohio, I really feel that this is the right move for Linda and me. We’ve both wanted to live off the grid for a while now, but had never really seen a way to make it happen until we discovered the land available in Texas.

Once I came to the realization that I was working so that I could keep working, the drive to make my life less complicated came on very strongly. We’re downsizing our entire household as much as possible, in preparation to live in a motor home for several years while we build our earthbag home.


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  1. MusicalMan says:

    OK, I'm trying to read all this through from the beginning and resist comments & questions until I'm done (as you may answer them later), but I have so many! At this point, and you asked, “What makes them all divorce?” Well, it's right there in your post… “…to live in a motor home for several years while we build our earthbag home.” That's what got maybe half of 'em. You move out with high hopes and a sense of adventure, to Texas. In the desert. In the summer. In an 8×40 foot (or whatever) metal box. For… how long? Several YEARS while you build? At least you have your eyes open about the time. Most people think they have the time & money resources to at least get dried in and moved in within six months or a year. Then, life happens. People get tired, or ill. Animals, gardens and such require care. Prices go up, time drags on. Many people move in, then never finish, ever – bare plywood floors, sheets over roughed-in doorframes… you get the idea. Most women don't abide that for very long. While I'm typing, the biggest issue I see so far is trying to prepare here, then move there. This is even true of the motorless home. What works better is, save your city money, save on moving money, travel/move LIGHT, then buy everything once you're there on the ground, at cheap rural prices, and from other homesteaders who go bust and go home!) What works better over the long haul is several small campers which better afford privacy & separation of function over the long haul, i.e., a 'kitchen' trailer (keeps heat, grease & vermin out of your bedroom) & 'bedroom' trailer, for starters, and some sort of secure storage structure for all the crap you're trying to take with you (I suggest shipping containers—they are awesome, and can later be converted to below-ground shelter/storage). For those who have kids, they'll need their own little bedroom trailer too…and so will their parents. 😉


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