Motorless Home is home

Friday night, I pulled down the fence segment behind my house.  I had to cut a tree that had grown into the fence so that it was free to be removed.  I then hooked it up to the Jeep and ripped it out of there. Unfortunately, until the end of the month, we will have to supervise the dogs when they are outside since the fence is no longer enclosed.  I will buy the components to recreate the fence on payday.

A guy responded to the Craigslist ad I placed to get rid of the lumber from the dead tree I cut down last week.  He came over with a large truck and hauled it out.

Ken and I (and my dog Yasmina) camped out in the motor home again last night.  In the morning, Ken and I cut the tree stump flush with the ground and then cleaned up all the fence brush in preparation to move the motor home into the yard. Once we had cut down quit a bit more brush and moved it out of the way, I used a SawzAll with a metal blade to cut off the old fence posts that were set in concrete.

Then, we went over the route that we planned to tow the motor home on.  We decided to go down a side street to avoid towing up a hill. When we surveyed the route, it looked great.  So, we went back to the motor home and hooked up to the Jeep with a tow strap.  We put the Jeep in 4-Wheel-Low and just idled along pulling the motor home.  All went well until the second turn.

During the route survey (20 minutes prior) everything was fine.  However, in the intervening time, a car had parked along the curb and we got stuck in mid-turn.  We tried to back the motor home up bu pushing on the bumper with the Jeep, but since the wheels were turned so sharply, it would not move.  So, Ken went and knocked on doors until we found the owner of the car and asked him to move it.  He came out and was kinda asshole-ish, but he moved the car and we completed the tow into the alley.

The next phase of the towing operation had Ken unhook the Jeep and then drive around and hook up to the rear of the motor home and pull it through the yard into position. While he was going around the block…

I DID IT AGAIN.  I closed the driver door and locked the ^!*(&!)^%&% keys inside again.  This time, I didn’t have the money to call a locksmith, and while the guy we called before would probably happily come and break in again for another dose of meth, we decided we’d get in ourselves.  After much tinkering, I wound up cutting an access hole in the driver door to actuate the mechanism.  Thankfully, the door panel was made of fiberglass and will be easily repaired.

We then pulled the motor home the rest of the way into the yard. 

Yippee!  The Motorless Home is Home.


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