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Whatever Shall They Do?

Today, I spent the entire day repairing my brother’s car. Somehow the timing belt jumped several teeth while the car was idling last weekend to defrost the layer of ice that had built up. Strangely, there was no obvious damage … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

We plan to set up a 1.6Kw wind turbine when we get out there, with a few PV panels to keep the batteries topped up when the wind is low or when I am performing maintenance on the turbine. Since … Continue reading

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Lol… I am such a n00b.

Linda and I both grew up in the Midwest. She in central Kentucky, and me in southwest Ohio. We’ve always had on-grid electric, city water and sewer, natural gas heat, phone lines, cable TV and (in the last 15-20 years) … Continue reading

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Plenty of Time for Planning…Thankfully.

I’ve been crunching a lot of numbers lately.  Trying to figure out when we can get our act together and move to Texas. Looks like the target is two years from now. If we can save like I’m projecting, we … Continue reading

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The HexHouse – Decisions, Decisions

Linda and I are looking into a couple building techniques.  Earth bag and straw bale.  Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so we want to explore these fully. Earth bag construction yields very sturdy walls.  In fact, they are even … Continue reading

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Small Moves, Ellie…..Small Moves…

We’ve taken another baby step.  Linda has filed for her Social Security benefits since she turns 62 in a couple weeks.  This will give us the money we need to make the land payments without impacting out current budget at … Continue reading

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Community Makes all the Difference

Well, we haven’t left yet, and we’ve already found our neighbors!  We have not bought land, our camper any of our supplies, nor are we financially able to go just yet, but we discovered the forum at and everyone … Continue reading

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